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Why Frothing Milk?

milk froth at home

Speaking of making coffee, most people have no idea how to make smooth silky coffee. The answer is milk foam. Foamed milk is a great addition to beverages like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate – and you can now enjoy it in the comfort of your home without heading to the nearest cafe.

Latte art is the most attractive thing for A Cup of Coffee.

All kinds of variable beautiful latte art designs created on the surface of coffee from milk foam. The visual appeal of these lattes have people willing to pay 11% more for coffee with latte art. Consumers view these beverages as requiring more skill to produce, and therefore inherently higher quality.

Make your Coffee silky and smooth.

Steaming and frothing greatly improves the consistency and taste of your milk. It also enhances the texture of the coffee in your mouth and makes the presentation of your milk-based espresso drinks far superior.

In addition to flavor and latte art, frothed milk also works as insulation, keeping your drink warm longer.

Milk frother

What is the best type of milk to use when frothing?

The protein and fat content are what allows your milk to froth. Non-dairy milk is plant-based the type produced will be less consistent and may vary. If you insist on non-dairy milk, I’d recommend a Barista style non-dairy milk which should help with the milk froth for plant milk. Froth results cannot be guaranteed for any other non-barista style plant milk.

The key factor in achieving a good froth is using fresh and cold milk. Milk should be cold and fresh. Use milk that has been taken directly from the refrigerator and start frothing immediately. The colder the milk, the better. We suggest the milk temperature is around 4~6℃(39.2℉~42.8℉).

Do not leave milk on the counter after use as this can affect the freshness of the milk. Always put the milk back into the refrigerator when done using it.

Frothing Methods:

Popular 2 equipment Nowadays.

  1. Automatic milk frother

Simply use!
Just pour the milk into the frother and press the button, it will automatic froth milk to Perfect.

2. Handheld milk frother

Put handheld frother into the milk and turn on, moving it around.

Milk frother

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